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Available in Optifade® Marsh and Timber

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The Lock and Load Blind bag is bad-to-the-bone and a fan favorite. Designed by our President and Founder, Matthew Cagle, it's perfectly configured to carry your waterfowling essentials in a well-built, perfectly balanced, tough and durable, floating blind bag. This bag shoulders well, hangs perfectly in the timber or fits perfectly in a layout blind where you can easily reach the items you need the most, like your ammo, chew, coffee, and a half roll of TP. 

Available in Gore Optifade Marsh and Timber, and Mossy Oak Bottomland


If you're a hunting guide you've got enough things to worry about (like clients that can't shoot and always gripe about the food) without having to worry about your gear falling apart. Not many professions are more grueling on the body or demanding on equipment, so we'd like to help a little by offering you a deep discount on the industry's most trusted gear. Please fill out the attached application.