Our Mission

Our mission has always been, and will always be, to design, build, and supply the most innovative and high-performance hunting products available at a reasonable price. We will not succumb to outside pressure to cheapen our products and will continue to take bold steps and huge risks to separate ourselves from our competition. We will dominate in customer service knowing that our end-use customers are the very backbone of our existence. Above all else, we will operate with honesty and integrity and will treat people fairly, never compromising these principles in pursuit of profit.


Our Founder and President, Matthew Cagle grew up in the woods and water around Eastern North Carolina before heading to North Carolina State, where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering (barely). “I couldn’t stay out of the woods” says Matthew. “My best friend’s grandparents had a huge farm right outside of Raleigh where my dog and I played a lot of hooky.” These days Matthew spends a lot of his time behind his computer, or out in the field developing and testing new products. “To reach this level of success in such a short period of time is nothing short of a miracle. God has truly blessed me in having the support and friendship from my wife and kids.” We at Rig’Em Right truly appreciate all of you that use our gear. Keep an eye out for more new and exciting products in the future as we continue to lead the industry in specialty waterfowl products.