FAQs Tech Tips

Where is the Bucket Belt that fits a YETI® bucket?

We had a contract with YETI for a short run of bucket belts. Unfortunately when the contract ended in 2020 we had to stop production and will no longer be producing the bucket belt.  As far as we are aware the belts are sold out everywhere.


Can the blind be submerged in water?

Our blind is water resistant and can handle sitting in SOME standing water but we do not recommend submerging it.

I’ve been trying to put my blind together and can’t seem to do so correctly. Any help?

Tip 1: If it’s cold where you are – bring the blind inside to warm up. The fabric is already stiff and when it’s cold it makes it very difficult to work with.

Tip 2: The corners of the blind frame located just above where your knee and shin sit are supposed to be covered with fabric.

If you’re still stumped please email pictures here (hyperlink to info@rigemright.com) and we’ll help you figure out what’s wrong!

Does the blind hide well in…?

Yes, absolutely! We have a great team of hunters who have tested our blinds all over the country and each one has had outstanding results in all types of fields. Corn, wheat, you name it!


Will an Avian X Goose Decoy fit into a 6-Slot Goose Decoy Bag?

If you have the retractable square bases you can use our 6-Slot Goose Decoy Bag – Medium Size or our 6-Slot Goose Floater Decoy Bag. 

If I want to leave bases on my goose decoys, which bag should I buy?

Our XL-6 Slotted Decoy Bag will work great for that! 

How many decoys will fit in the…

Gunslinger Decoy Bag – 12 oversized decoys, 24 duck floaters when open and 18 when closed.

Long Haul Decoy Bag – 24 oversized decoys, 36 duck floaters when open and 24 when closed.

Tanker XL Decoy Bag – 24-36 oversized decoys, 48 duck floaters when open and 36 when closed.

Refuge Runner Decoy Bag – 24-30 oversized decoys, 18-36 regular decoys.

Recon Decoy Bag – 12 oversized decoys, 12-18 regular decoys

What are the poles for on the Gunslinger, Long Haul and Tanker XL Decoy Bags?

The poles included in each of our decoy bags are meant to keep the bag sturdy when open. Underneath the buckle at each of the bag’s four corners is a slot to slide a pole in.No need to remove after you put them in. They are removed only for shipping and packaging purposes.


All floating bags and cases are designed to float if thrown overboard or dropped into water. We do not recommend submerging the bags or floating them for long periods of time. Water resistant, not proof.


Does the Shell Shocker XLT Blind Bag or the Lock & Load Blind Bag have a hard bottom?

No, but they both have a rubber coated bottom to help ensure water and moisture stay out.


Which crimping tool should I use to crimp decoys?

We recommend using a CN-10 Billfisher Hand Crimper tool. You can search this particular tool on Google and order it from almost any online dealer.