Can Rig'Em Right Anchors Help You Harvest More Ducks?

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"Rig'Em Right anchors can actually help you kill more ducks." This point made by the honorable mayor, Mr. Jeff Watt.

His point was the old days of strap-weights or j-weights when the wind shifted, conditions changed, or the ducks were just acting squirrelly, it was such a pain -in-the-butt to change the spread that we'd usually just leave it as is and accept the outcome. With Rig'Em Right anchors, it's quick and easy to make adjustments and therefore we can shift the spread, salvage a hunt and kill more ducks. We think he's 100% on-point and we are firm believers in changing the spread sooner than later. We've salvaged  many hunts that might have otherwise been a bust if we couldn't adapt the decoy spread quickly!

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