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Rig'Em Right Decoy Anchors


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If you're tired of winding up decoy line and stuffing your decoys in a bag, this system is for you. The looped end allows decoys to be stored and carried on the provided spring clip without the use of a bag. The sliding weight design allows fast and accurate placement of decoys with one hand. Retrieval of your ducks is quick and easy and always tangle-free. This system is super-fast, field proven and has earned the Duck Commander™ stamp of approval. Pre-rigged. 1-dozen or 1/2 dozen weights per package.





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Pre-rigged. 1-dozen weights per package

  • 30” Decoy Anchors with 4-oz. weights
  • 54” Decoy Anchors with 6-oz. weights
  • 36" Decoy Anchors with 3-oz weights
Pre-rigged. 1/2 dozen weights per package
  • 60” Decoy Anchors with 10-oz. weights


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Customer Reviews

  • Best decoy weights
    Review by Seanon 6/17/2017
    I've been using these weights for years and these are the only ones I will use on my decoys. Since these became popular I've seen many companies try to duplicate but can not live up to the standard that rig em right has set for decoy weights/anchoring. These are the fastest to set out and to pick up. Don't think twice about buying these.
  • The best there is!
    Review by Tfrankson 4/3/2017
    Have tried the "off brand" of these on my decoys and have been frustrated with quality. Right em right are made right and get the job done anywhere!
  • Great rig
    Review by duckkilla76 on 1/14/2017
    These are all I run in my duck decoys. The make pick up and deployment very easy and efficient.
  • Great Design!
    Review by Take'Em!on 12/31/2016
    I've got the 30" decoy anchors and they work great in shallow ponds, swamps and streams. No more untangling!
  • Great rigging
    Review by Ar Quackhunteron 12/13/2016
    I have an original set of these weights and use them year after year. They have really held up and are the best rigs I have had.
  • Great Product
    Review by Weson 12/9/2016
    This system is great. Keeps all of my decoys together and I don't have to roll up decoy string. Like having the clip so I can just clip it to my waders and take off.
  • Awesome Product
    Review by Smokeyon 10/29/2016
    Through the wear and tear I have put these anchors in, the Rig Em Right Decoy Anchors still complete job. Putting the anchors in freezing water to throwing them around in the boat the Rigs still hold together better than any other rig on the market. Awesome Product!
  • Great Product
    Review by Masonon 10/4/2016
    The original weight system is great for all your waterfowl needs.I run around 20dz floaters and having to replace weights every year can get expensive. Thanks to Rig Em Rights quality workmanship I have a product that will last!
  • 10/10
    Review by carvera1on 9/21/2016
    Once you use these "texas rig" or as most people refer to them as "rig em rights" you will not ever want to unwind a cord from a decoy again. The only reason you wouldn't want these style of rigs is if you are hunting deep water. I can't wait to see what Rig em Right comes out with next!
  • Best weights on market
    Review by Fatty on 8/10/2016
    Any egg weight isn't cheap and building your own takes the right tools. These are the best for the price ! , of all the other brands these are the only kind , that the crimps don't pull apart on. The swivels are tough and heavy enough gauge that they stay hooked and don't kill your thumbs when they are freezing. Great product
  • Best anchor system
    Review by Limit Longacreon 7/22/2016
    Easy to use. I put these on my Dakota Decoys I never have to worry about losing decoys or weights in extreme weather. I will never go back to the old ways.
  • Best Anchor on Market
    Review by Royon 7/12/2016
    Works great in swift rivers anchors grab rocks on river bottom and don't let go. Nearly impossible to tangle and attach to decoys with ease. Had to enlarge a few holes on avian x decoys but was no big deal. Great product
  • Great overall
    Review by Schmeckon 7/3/2016
    The Rig'Em Right Decoy Anchors are in my humble opinion the best over all anchor system out there. But there are a few things that could be improved upon or expanded; I have found that the crimps on a few of my anchors have been loose. Not noticeable out of the box, but after a few tosses the loops became so small the wouldn't fit on the carabineer. Easy enough to fix, but it did occur in a few packages.
    I would like to see a 48 inch anchor system added to your arsenal of anchor systems. That depth would work best for a lot of the area I hunt. it would allow for play but not so much that the cords sit above the waterline on still days.