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Tanker XL Decoy Bag


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The Tanker XL™ Decoy Bag from Rig’Em Right™ is the most versatile bag ever designed and holds a massive amount of decoys. In the open position, this bag functions like a basket to keep large amounts of decoys well organized and easily accessible in the boat, truck or ATV, yet it folds-up for easy storage.



• Two-man carrying handles

• Large padded shoulder strap

• Constructed of heavy-duty materials for durability

• Holds 48 duck floaters in the open position and 36 when closed.

• Ideal for hunting from a boat or ATV

• Bag Dimensions: 40"L X 24"W x 24”H


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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent bag
    Review by Seanon 6/17/2017
    This bag is of the quality you'd expect from rig em right. I'm able to fit more decoys in this bag than it says it can hold, but of course that's with small medium and large decoys mixed in. I've since bought more decoys and will be buying another bag. These bags pair perfectly with the rig em right decoy anchors. Hook the decoys to the weights, drop them in the bag and you're good to go. If you have a sled you pull like I do this makes organizing it so much easier and allows you to maximize the use for your sled too.
  • Great Bag and HUGE!!
    Review by asmythe32on 3/27/2017
    This bag is everything that I was looking for. We walk in to 95% of our spots and use a homemade cart to pull our decoy sled. Putting 2 dozen decoys in the sled loose took up the entire sled. By putting this bag in the sled first we are able to put 4 dozen decoys, spinners, poles, jerk string etc in the bag and not worry about it falling out on the walk in. With the mesh in the bottom you dont have to worry about the water staying in the bag. Great design and great product.
  • great
    Review by ddelauneon 1/3/2017
    THis product is very helpful in the field and worth the price.
  • Amazing bag!
    Review by Adam Condito on 11/4/2016
    This is an amazing decoy bag, I have never left a review on anything but I took the time out of my day to write one because I was so impressed with this bag, I put in 36 floaters and 6 full bodys with room to spare! It seems very durable and is very easy to carry. One of the best purchases I've ever made!
  • Best Bag for decoys
    Review by Ariel Rodriguezmesaon 10/21/2016
    Just bought this bag last week to replace the standard mesh bags. When I opened the box I was amazed. I saw the dimension of the bag on the site. I had an idea of how big it was, but WOW its Huge!! The construction is awesome and it was so simple to setup and ready to go in minutes. I can't wait to put this bag to use this season. This decoy back fits perfectly in my sled. I'm a back water/kayak duck hunter and this bag will make setup/ break down so easy.
  • Awesome bag
    Review by macon 10/19/2016
    Excellent decoy bag. Makes packing all your decoys up at the end of the day a breeze. I did have a problem with the side handles starting to tear, which was from being over loaded with foam filled oversized decoys. Tears and all its still going strong.
  • The bags a BEAST
    Review by Schmeck on 10/6/2016
    Love it!!! Description should read: can hold 60 standard decoys when open. Sure some will be higher the the top, but they won't fall out. Great bag. Could be a little cheaper, but still very impressed.
  • These bags are outstanding!!!!
    Review by Midwest skybusters on 9/6/2016
    I can fit 4 dozen avian-x mallards in this bag. This is why I own 2 of the bags. I will be purchasing more as the season progresses. They are outstanding.
  • These bags are outstanding!!!!
    Review by Midwest skybusters on 9/6/2016
    I can fit 4 dozen avian-x mallards in this bag. This is why I own 2 of the bags. I will be purchasing more as the season progresses. They are outstanding.
  • Best Quality
    Review by Nackon 8/28/2016
    I recently checked out this bag at a retail store and I have to say it is the best quality decoy bag I've seen. They 80$ price tag seems high but when you look at the bag are see how much easier it will make your hunting experience the price is well worth it. I will be buying this bag or the long haul in the near future!
  • Huge
    Review by EDon 8/10/2016
    Ordered 4 this summer for the upcoming season. I put 2 longline rigs of 2 1/2 doz ea in there with ease. Will make hauling/hunting a lot easier.
  • Huge, Well-Made Decoy Bag
    Review by Steve S.on 7/20/2016
    I purchased 2 of these this past season. It will be excellent for early season teal when I deploy a large decoy spread. Holds a ton of decoys, especially the smaller ones. Very well made. Has some flex to it which I like as not to crack or snap something. Very well made and excellent quality. Good stitching and buckles, too.
  • Best Bag For Floater Decoys
    Review by North River Waterfowlon 7/13/2016
    I bought 2 of these bags at the end of last season... I knew I needed an upgrade for my diver spread. This bag easily holds 4 dozen foam filled diver decoys in it's open position, which is how I transport them in my boat. The ability of this bag to stay open and upright while deploying and breaking down a large spread of long lined decoys is a huge time saver.
  • Improvement Over Slot Bags
    Review by CAon 6/6/2016
    There is a huge improvement in time savings with the Tanker vs. traditional slot bags. Decoys can be picked up and clipped together quickly then set in the bag. No more having to mess with winding line or having weights get stuck together beneath the slots in the bottom of the bag. Quick pick up and deployments are a must for me. The bags stack one on top of the other in the trailer. Very nice setup and another great product from ReR!
  • Awesome Bags For Guided Longline Gunning
    Review by Capt. Brodie on 4/5/2016
    Bought 3 of these XL Bags, and they have been one of the best investments made for our guided duck hunts here in south Mississippi. Longlines with decoys kept attached are easily stored and deployed out of these big roomy bag. Six longlines with a total of 175 diving duck decoys fit ideally in the 3 bags. Will be purchasing more this season. 5 - Stars
  • Well built and perfect size
    Review by Jebon 3/1/2016
    I bought two of these to load up with decoys for my boat. I love the large opening and deep construction. They work great in the boat getting set up in a flash and very well built. I highly recommend this bag!
  • Great bag for transporting bulk decoys
    Review by North Coast Waterfowlon 2/10/2016
    I've adopt the Tanker XL Decoy Bag for transporting decoys on Texas rigs as well as drop lines. Very versatile bag that allows for efficient and organized deployment of decoys from a boat, a canoe or a Jet Sled. At home on big water and in a marsh. Also promotes an organized garage by accommodating storage multiple decoys sets in a minimum amount of space.
  • Great sturdy bag.
    Review by Tedcbon 2/6/2016
    I have two of these bags and they are great. My first one has been going strong for three years now, so I bought another. The bag is super durable, and after being thrown in the back of the truck, ATV, boat bottoms, and drug back and forth they are still in great shape. They are super easy to load and help keep all my TX rigged decoys organized.
  • Boat Hunt
    Review by Treyon 1/28/2016
    This bag is great for boat hunting. All decoys on Texas rigs go on carribeaners, which clip onto the handles. The most efficient and easiest way to do decoys.
  • Brock Schuld
    Review by Lake Raton 1/3/2016
    The bag is huge! I needed a nice bag to keep my 4 dozen decoys together that I bought this year that are outfitted with Texas rigs... It fits my needs perfectly and is very well made. I will have a second one by next season.
  • Big Bag
    Review by BWon 12/31/2015
    I use this bag a lot running lines of divers. It's easy to pull the decoys out with clips and attach them to lines. Though once weighted down the handles will rip on these bags and for hunting open water it is a bit of a pain to break them down to store. Other than that they are great and have lasted me two harsh seasons right now and awaiting the third.
  • Good quality
    Review by wingz4lifeon 12/5/2015
    Just opened this up as an early x-mas gift. The overall quality seems to be high on the product, only negative I have seen so far is that I wish it came with assembly instructions on where to put the black poles that came with it.
  • A must have
    Review by Jayon 10/24/2015
    An absolute must for the hunter that uses a boat. This bag fits up to 4doz mallard floaters with RR Texas Rigs. It keeps me and my gear organized.
  • Big Let Down...
    Review by Fowlweatheron 10/12/2015
    I bought this bad for my 3 dozen Diver spread and it held them just fine and I could close the top which was a plus since I always seem to have a dog that likes to stand on decoys... but I we went to pick the bag up by the straps and the canvus tore... I looked at replacing the bag but after looking at them in the store they all seem like this was a poor design flaw... maybe I'm wrong? But I wasn't going to risk it... I will just stick with the long haul moving forward...
  • HUGE!
    Review by RTon 10/3/2015
    I purchased this bag to transport Goose Shell decoys since we do not have a trailer. I am currently able to carry three dozen full size goose shells, heads, four full size floaters, and a couple of goose flags. Heck, I am 6 ft, 225 lbs and I fit in it. Heavy duty construction, very well made. Look forward to many seasons of use. You will not be disappointed with this bag!
  • awesome bag
    Review by smileyon 9/26/2015
    Very rugged and perfect for carrying all your decoys to your spot versus having to use multiple bags!
  • Great bag
    Review by Rolling Thunder Outdoorson 9/4/2015
    I bought this bag for my blind boat, it holds 3-4 doz full size decoys, and 18 teal in the bag also, very durable, works great.
  • Great bag
    Review by Rolling Thunder Outdoorson 9/4/2015
    I bought this bag for my blind boat, it holds 3-4 doz full size decoys, and 18 teal in the bag also, very durable, works great.
  • Great bag!
    Review by Quack daddy on 8/26/2015
    Fill it full and walk about 2 miles hardly notice it's there. The big mouth makes it the easiest bag on the market for loading and unloading decoys. I'll probably buy another one pretty soon.
  • Outstanding
    Review by tngreenheadon 5/21/2015
    Ordered this bag because of the holding capacity. I have been nothing but impressed with this bag from day 1. We usually carry around 6 dozen decoys to and from the blind or refuge every day. So a bag that can hold allot is necessary. This bag not only carries our decoys but jerk rigs and rob ducks as well. Can't ask for a better bag.
  • Great Bag
    Review by BSon 1/3/2015
    I first ordered this bag cause I was looking to put more room in the boat. Man did this work out great. Works great for holding 48 decoys to put on gang rig system easy in out out for the deks.
  • Great bag
    Review by winkerdogon 12/10/2014
    Tried the XL out for the first time this year. It's outstanding. It takes up a whole lot less space in the boat than the standard issue decoy bags. The design allows them to fit neatly in the boat plus the hold alot of decoys. So impressed I'm ordering another.
  • Great all purpose bag
    Review by ballcoach37on 12/4/2014
    I put my gear through heck every season, and this bag will hold up to the abuse. I have had one for three years and have used it in the rice fields, white river, flooded timber and it has held many uses besides just a decoy bag. We've used to it to hold blind material, boat motor cover, and probably many other uses. The only problem I've encountered with this bag is the capacity, you can easily over fill it for one person quickly, so make sure you have a buddy with you to load and unload it. Great overall versatile bag I strongly recommend it.
  • Stout!
    Review by luvdamudon 11/12/2014
    This bag is tough! Fits perfectly in my jon boat to keep all the decoys organized in one place. And I love the D-rings to clip texas rig carabiners to. Great construction. Should last a very long time.
  • the tanker!
    Review by Bradenon 9/26/2014
    a waterproof drainable bag that puts up with even the toughest of conditions! When the going gets tough, bring in the tank! 10 out of 10!