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Long Haul Decoy Bag


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The Long Haul decoy bag from Rig’Em Right™ was designed by a seasoned, public-ground hunter who knows all about hiking decoys a long way into the marsh. The wide mouth design makes stuffing decoys a breeze and is perfect for the Rig'Em Right™ anchor system. Ideal for longer walk-in hunting and carrying decoys on your back.


• Padded floating bottom

• Large padded shoulder straps and waist belt

• Constructed of heavy-duty materials for durability

• Holds 36 duck floaters when open and 24 when closed

• Bag Dimensions: 40"L x 24"W x 18”H



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Customer Reviews

  • Best Decoy Bag
    Review by Bob S.on 12/1/2016
    This bag has been the best decoy bag I have ever owned. I have had 2 of these bags for the past 3 or 4 seasons. They have held up amazingly. They hold 24+ standard decoys per bag easily. Highly recommend these for anyone looking for a durable, easy loading/unloading bag.
  • Great bag
    Review by Jebon 11/23/2016
    I picked up two of these long haul bags and they work perfectly. If you have to hike in to where you hunt these bags are ideal. Padded back, large opening, and plenty of room to bring along a lot of decoys. Even if you don't use it as a backpack, these work great just sitting on front of the boat. With the wide opening it is easy to get the decoys all put away and deployed.
  • Great concept
    Review by Jzmeinerton 10/26/2016
    I just received this bag and its perfect for any scenario you will encounter with your decoys. The only thing is i have a dozen DD extreme fully flocked mallards and some smaller woodies and mojos so im only able to throw in about 20 and be able to close it comfortably. But thats not realy a draw back just something i would encounter with any bag. Great product
  • Awesome!
    Review by Hawkon 9/23/2016
    Great bag, love the way it opens. Super tough!
  • Best bag
    Review by Yellowdogon 9/17/2016
    This is without a doubt the best decoy bag ever made. I've put the bag through the motions on atvs, boats, and even drug behind a tractor. Still going strong
  • Amazing bag
    Review by Jarrett Schneideron 6/15/2016
    My neighbor has one of these bags and I liked it so much i went out and bought my own it is a good quality bag and perfect for walking through the marsh. I would recommend this bag to anyone!
  • Great bag
    Review by martneron 5/12/2016
    This is the most versatile bag I have found. Using it to haul decoys in is comfortable and you can carry a lot. Open its great in a boat. You can fit a few more decoys in it then the description says and it is great with texas rigged decoys.
  • Perfect for the field
    Review by Jebon 3/1/2016
    I bought this bag to use for hunting the fields. It holds a bunch of socks and full body decoys. Makes it easy getting them out in the field and the large opening makes set up a snap.
  • Great Hauler
    Review by Tedcbon 2/6/2016
    I have a couple of the Tanker XL's, and got this one 2yrs ago to give me a better hauling option. I can load 3 dozen decoys and slap it on my back and when i get to where I'm setting up, the decoys are all organized. No more hanging up on mesh bags or decoys slapping my butt and legs while I'm hauling them. The straps tended to catch on things in the truck bed until I started loading it in a tub. It is heavier than a traditional mesh bag, but the pros totally out weigh the cons. Super durable.
  • Good quality
    Review by wingz4lifeon 12/5/2015
    Got this bag as an early x-mas gift. Seems to be high quality overall the only negative I have seen so far is the lack of assembly instructions on where to put the four black poles it comes with. I eventually figured out where they go after putting them in the bottom of bag first before realizing they are poles for the side.
  • Best bag on market
    Review by jaybirdon 10/20/2015
    When a guy can fit a couple dozen decoys in this bag throw it over his shoulder and walk in due to the straps, you have the making of a great on the go decoy bag. I was sold the minute I laid eyes on it. I have one of these bags and the other is soon to be ordered.. I hate those mesh bags they are junk and they don't last very long. On some of our hunts we walk a mile to get into our spot, and this bag works out perfectly! Built tough, comfortable, roomy, and easy handling. What else could a guy need..
  • Holds a lot of decoys, great for packing in gear to hard to reach public areas.
    Review by Nickon 10/6/2015
    Where we hunt in Missouri, we have to pack in our decoys quite a ways since we don't have a boat. This bag is perfect for getting lots of decoys in those hard to reach places on public land. Couldn't be more impressed.
  • Terrific size
    Review by smileyon 9/26/2015
    Perfect for Carrying several dozen decoys and not having to fool when its time to pick up and move!
  • Everyone needs one! 5Stars
    Review by Rooster3030on 9/22/2015
    Hey this is a great decoy bag, I think every hardcore waterfowler needs this decoy bag!
  • Everyone needs one! 5Stars
    Review by Rooster3030on 9/22/2015
    Hey this is a great decoy bag, I think every hardcore waterfowler needs this decoy bag!
  • Shoulder straps make for long hauling
    Review by Kimurabeanon 8/14/2015
    Awesome quality...I have 3 for this season
  • Monster of a bag!
    Review by DucksRuson 7/28/2015
    This bag has revolutionized puddle duck/honey hole hunting for myself. I have gone through many deke bags: mesh, slotted etc and this one has proven to be the most reliable, dependable and comfortable when you have to walk more than a mile to that secret honey hole. The padded shoulder straps are awesome and the waist buckle keeps the bag held securely in place. If you need to lug out a couple dozen or more dekes to that hard to reach spot grab this bag. you wont be disappointed.
  • Holds a lot
    Review by Lukeon 11/27/2014
    I use this bag for my mallard decoys. I really like the divide in the bag. I put the hens on one side and the drakes on the other. Great way to easily grab the hens out for the earlier season instead of fishing through and trying it find the hens.
  • Great Bag
    Review by HaloHandleron 11/20/2014
    Used this bag in Cordova, Ak. Great bag.
  • great bag for walking
    Review by JRon 9/24/2014
    It is always hard to find an easy to carry decoy bag for the long walks through the woods and marshes. This bag makes it a brezze. The back pack style carring capability makes it very comfortable to carry long distances. Only down fall is it is tough to carry if you are short.
  • GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!
    Review by bubbaon 9/3/2014
    I have been looking for a decoy bag that will get the job done. I'm a very active hunter and i travel with all of my decoys. I have about 30 decoys in this bag and there is still plenty of room! i also have the DP3 xl, check my review for that. over all this is a great decoy bag
  • Nice bag
    Review by Texastechduckson 8/29/2014
    The bag is well built and designed. The back could use more padding to protect you when humping into timber or your favorite marsh. I have the xxl and love it. Only additional thing I would add is a way to incorporate tiedowns for your shotgun.
  • Great Design
    Review by Olmecon 8/16/2014
    I really liked the seperation design. Makes it really easy to have both divers and puddle decyos in the same bag.