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Shell Savers


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3" Shell Saver
3.5" Shell Saver

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Rig’Em Right™ Shell Savers™ provide neoprene water-resistant protection for shotgun shells. Prolongs the life of your ammo and keeps shells organized and easily accessible. Tear off the ammo box top and slide it into clear slot to easily identify the contents. Available in 3” and 3.5”.



Available in 3” and 3.5”.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great product
    Review by Rob D Lacitinolaon 4/1/2017
    Great idea, no more soaked boxes of shells and shells rolling around in the bottom of the boat-
  • Excellent product!
    Review by DreamOfDucks88on 1/16/2017
    These things are great! No more dealing with damp boxes of shells falling apart in the blind bag. No more shells rusting after two or three hunts. Also, where I hunt most days we do not shoot a full box of shells so saving the boxes between hunts is huge!
  • Thoroughly Satisfied
    Review by rpwhitlock13on 1/10/2017
    I purchased one of these from Bass Pro and they work as advertised. As others have stated they keep your shells organized and from becoming loose in the blind bag. I have also slipped a belt through the loop on the back and used them as a make shift carry case to walk through dove fields. When waterfowling they will allow water to drain out when wading, keeping the shells from sitting in water. My only complaint is the plastic slip on top of the case ripped off after about two uses. This is trivial in my mind as I organize my bag so I know where each shot size is.
  • Great Design!
    Review by Take'Em!on 12/31/2016
    I've got the 3" shell saver and use it all the time! No more wet boxes!
  • Get Some
    Review by Smiddyon 12/19/2016
    Shell savers are a great product. No more boxes falling apart in the boat on in the blind bag. Keeps the dry to in the rain.
  • Excellent Idea
    Review by Chrison 12/11/2016
    These shell savers are awesome!!! Perfect for the boat or blind bag. The shell savers give you that added protection when the weather gets a little wet, no more worrying about a soggy box of shells.
  • Best thing ever made!!!
    Review by Duaneon 11/27/2016
    No more shells falling out of the box or getting wet!
  • Great product
    Review by Waterfowl4ever on 11/14/2016
    I left my hevi shot in this shell saver all year pulled it out a few days ago and no rust or water intrusion great product
  • Just buy you some!
    Review by Jebon 12/31/2015
    Ok at first I didn't think much of these until my wife (I am a lucky man!) bought me some. Now I wouldn't know what to do without them. They keep my shells dry, organized, and I attached a clip to the back so I can hang it in my layout blind. WORKS PERFECT! Love that I can easily access my ammo and they are protected.
  • Great Product!
    Review by Five40on 10/19/2015
    These shell savers are great! No more losing shells to the bottom of the boat due to wet boxes falling apart. 10/10
  • Great for air travel
    Review by Critterskinneron 8/9/2015
    I love these shell savers. My favorite use for them is when flying with shells. You don't have to worry about the boxes coming open and you getting in trouble with TSA. I have them in both 3" and 3 1/2" sizes. Awesome product.
  • Awesome shell holder
    Review by Cory on 7/6/2015
    This is a way better system then keeping the shells in the box. It holds a whole pack and it is extremely fast and easy to pull shells from it when you have ducks or geese bearing down on you.
  • This is thinking outside the box! What a great idea.
    Review by Gregon 6/30/2015
    This is a must if you duck hunt. I don't know how many times I have lost shells in the marsh or in the bottom of the boat because the box got wet. Even if you keep your shell box in your blind bag, those damp misty days they still fall apart. But not now! It's like having a wet suit for your box of shells. No more getting wet and the box falling apart on you. Plus those shells not shot are protected from corrosion and are good for next season. I wish I had thought of this idea!
  • must have
    Review by duckhunter15857on 2/15/2015
    These are nice to have to keep your shells dry. Everybody knows wet shells make more cleaning for your gun but they're also dangerous. A wet shell can misfire and lodge the wad from your shell in your barrel then blow your barrel apart if you don't catch it and fire another shot. This product is a great idea not does it keep your shells dry but it saves you from damage to your gun or even worse injury to yourself. The $15 price tag is nothing compared to replacing a shotgun barrel or a hospital bill from firing wet shells. Save yourself some headaches and get this product.
  • keep your shells clean...keep your gun clean
    Review by Bradenon 7/11/2014
    nothing worse than having wet muddy or rusty shells from the elements to put in your gun. its horrible on your gun and just requires more cleaning later. spend the money and buy this product to not only help you perform better but to help your gun perform better too. must have product and is very simple to use. its a no brainer 10 out of 10.