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Rig'Em Right Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit


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Rig’Em Right Waterfowl’s DIY kit has all the heavy-duty components needed to custom make your own Rig’Em Right or Texas Style decoy anchor systems. There’s enough hardware in this kit to create 3-dozen, eight-foot long rigs.




Kit Contains:

• 300’ of Rig’Em Right’s 400-LB Monofilament

• 36 - Stainless Steel Swivels

• 75 - Nickel Plated Brass Crimps

• 3 - Carabineer Clips

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Customer Reviews

  • Nothing else
    Review by DUKSLAYERon 1/5/2019
    There is nothing else that can replace this kit. You can rig them however you like and to whatever length for an unbeatable price. The PVC line doesn't tangle and the swivels and crimps are of and extremely high quality. I will use nothing else.
  • Good stuff!
    Review by Lucas on 12/11/2018
    Ive made about 2 dozen rigs out of my kit so far, high quality product and they are holding up well to the abuse I put em through. Definitely recommend1
  • Quality Kit
    Review by Codyon 10/26/2017
    I ordered this kit when I started switching all my rigging over to Texas rigs. Crimps are heavy duty compares to other big store brands. So far the carabiners are holding up but I then to buy the heavier duty snaps from a hardware store. Great kit!
  • Great
    Review by Seanon 7/22/2017
    I wish I would have bought these sooner so I could make my own lengths, this is great for truly customizing your set up for your needs based on where you hunt easy to use and knock out a bunch of weights once you get a system down. 5 out of 5 will order again.
  • Good
    Review by duckkilla76 on 1/14/2017
    I picked this kit up to rig decoys for an area that we hunt that is pretty shallow and I could cut the length of cord I wanted. My only issue with it was the crimps. It took me a bit to figure out a good method for me. But, once I did, I had a dozen decoys rigged up and ready to go.
  • Top notch decoy line
    Review by JBFon 12/21/2016
    Best bang for the buck. This line and swivel allow your decoys the most movement and realism. Durable during hauling in and out of the field.
  • Fairly Useful
    Review by MVon 12/8/2016
    I bought this to make 3 dozen Texas rig anchors for my puddle ducks and goose decoys. It was pretty easy to use once you get a system down. My only advice is to make sure that you crimp the ends well because I have lost a few of my 12 oz weights this last season.
  • Works
    Review by macon 10/19/2016
    Used two of these kits, they hold up awesome, if you're making all three dozen rigs in one go be prepared for a sore hand from all of the crimping. Definitely worth the savings.
  • Great
    Review by BM on 9/21/2016
    Great product it's held up well, also like that it's do it yourself self so I could set it up for deep water sense we mainly go big water.
  • Great product would recommend to all hunting buddy's
    Review by Midwest skybusters on 9/6/2016
    I pour all my own weights. So the diy kit is just what I need. Awesome product and holds up great in the cold Wisconsin late season.
  • Great product hold up great
    Review by Port city waterfowlon 1/31/2016
    Purchased this kit and has held up great can make Texas style rigs or actual rigem right rigs very great product port city waterfowl is planning to buy more to rig all decoys in this product
  • Love it!
    Review by DannyBoyon 1/7/2016
    Awesome product! I run rig 'em right on all my gear and it has never let me down
  • Rig them your way!
    Review by Jebon 12/31/2015
    Love this kit! Just grab a heavy set of wire crimpers and go to town. I have made several gang rigs, a jerk rig set up, and numerous individual rigs. Easy to work with and allows you to customize your rigging to where you hunt. I have been completely satisfied!
  • Options for Days!
    Review by metalfly88on 12/1/2015
    Quick, simple, and the length/weight options are endless!! Over the years I have built close to 30 dozen rigs using these kits, and could not be happier!! Helpful hints: 1. If you are using in salt water, invest in stainless crimps (the finish on these tends to come off when crimped) and 2. Invest in a good pair of double crimps. You can get by with a pair of single crimps without too many issues (some lines will slip out of the crimps), and I definitely do not recommend regular pliers. But if you plan on cranking out more than a dozen or so, save your hands and get yourself a good pair of crimps!
  • Great Buy
    Review by jaybirdon 10/19/2015
    Have purchased 2 of the DIY Kits myself and I just have to say, for the guy who wants to make his own, or has a unique way he wants Texas Rigs made. This is defiantly the product for him. Great for being able to make different size lengths and an easy way to increase your numbers in a hurry, all with out the extra cost. Rig'Em Right im glad yall have this on the market!!!!
  • much easier
    Review by smileyon 9/27/2015
    At times its just easier to make your own because you may want to make them different lengths, i find this much more cost efficient. LOVE this kit!
  • Simple
    Review by 16rgon 1/9/2015
    This kit is easy to use and allows you to customize your lengths. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the swivels and crimps.
  • Great DIY Kit
    Review by magnumon 12/21/2014
    High quality that lasts seasons after seasons. Best kit on market, don't buy any other brands these are the best
  • Great Product
    Review by Joshon 12/12/2014
    Great crimps and swivels. Allows me to do multiple rigging styles. Cant wait to get my hands on more
  • Easy to Use
    Review by Dustinon 9/12/2014
    If you are looking to rig your decoys look no further than this easy to use kit. All that is needed is the decoys some pliers and a little time. It was my first time doing this and I set up 12 in no time at all
  • Great and easy to use
    Review by Michaelon 7/8/2014
    Having never set up my own rigs before I was slightly worried but this was easy. In just one afternoon I rigged 36 decoys. The best part about it was the flexibility to choose the lengths that would be most useful in my area. Materials were great as usual.
  • Great Value
    Review by Nickon 7/3/2014
    If you are looking at switching your old wrapped up decoys to Texas Rigs, this is by far the way to go!! Bought 2 of these, and in a single afternoon, I had my entire spread on 4' rigs. Only issue I had was the paint chipping off of the crimps when crimped, not really an issue for my freshwater spread, but I highly recommend using stainless steel crimps if you will be in saltwater.
  • you got to use this rig
    Review by U.P duckmanon 6/27/2014
    I have been hunting ducks for 45 years and never thought decoy setup and pick up would be so easy it takes a little time to put the lines together but man i am impressed with this product .I had a little trouble with some of the crimps breaking this past season but rig'em right stood behind its product and sent me some new crimps and i will fix the broken ones all in all you can't go wrong with this kit i am going to order another one to rig some more puddle duck decoys .Thanks to you guys for keeping things fresh and exciting in the ducking world
  • Best value for your buck!
    Review by Bradenon 6/25/2014
    If you want to get the most for your dollar, and have the time to make them, I suggest buying the DIY kit because you get more line and clips for assembling rigs and you can cut them to different lengths and mix and match however you like. you can make a few short or a few long, you can add different size weights to each one, it gives you way more flexibility to suit YOUR needs. I HIGHLY recommend this route if your trying to save money and get more out of it! this product is a 10 out of 10!