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Jerk Rig


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Real ducks swim. So we built the ultimate decoy motion device. It’s lightweight, compact, easily fits into a coat pocket or blind bag and sets up in minutes. Used to draw ducks “feet down” at close range, this is an updated twist on the jerk cord concept. Gives motion for up to 4 decoys and is used by professional waterfowlers worldwide. Recommended for water depths of up to 5 feet. Decoys not included. 



Complete Kit Includes:

 • Two eye bolts for various setups

• Pre-tied swivels for 4 decoys

• 100’ of durable nylon line

• Reusable string winder

• Miniature anchor (1.25 lbs.)

• Bungee cord

• Stuff Sack

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Customer Reviews

  • Marsh Necessity
    Review by BellHopon 10/10/2018
    Never go out without one of these in the bag. No need for Mojo's or Lucky ducks. Use this jerk cord to get movement into your kill hole. Great for marsh's and ponds on no wind days.
  • A must have!
    Review by Tyon 10/1/2018
    This is my second jerk rig. My first was a different brand it was lacking a few small details like a handle on the string winder. I like that the stretch cord isn't directly tied to the anchor, it has a section of the nylon cord first. It is put together better than others that I have seen. better knots, better swivels and snaps as well. Price is competitive with others on the market. Don't hesitate to grab one of these. Adds good motion to your spread. I have had ducks decoy just from seeing the motion that this produces. Highly recommend!
  • Great jerk rig!!!
    Review by Jared on 11/21/2017
    I bought this jerk rig a few months ago and was a little skeptical about cause I have buddies of mine that have ruined hunts with them, but let me tell you......... this things works freaking awesome. If you have good cover, you can really tug on thing without the worry of it coming loose or untied. It adds great motion to the windless days. A great addition to your spread. Very well built too. Two thumbs up!
  • Won't hunt the marsh without this
    Review by SG2550on 7/27/2017
    I seriously was mad when I came home from a hunt one day and my wife let my pup eat the jerk rig! Thank god they have these at the local bass pro, grabbed two just in case. Would use this in the marsh or wherever for that matter over a dozen robo ducks any day and twice on Sunday!
  • Best on the market!
    Review by asmythe32on 3/27/2017
    This jerk rig is the best on the market. High quality hardware and bag to put it in. Been using it for 6 years now without a single issue. Great product at a great price.
  • Perfect
    Review by duckkilla76on 1/14/2017
    I love this jerk rig. It adds great motion to my spread while also keeping the ducks attention to where we want to shoot them. I also love how compact it is. It fits in my blind bag with very little space taken up. And it's very easy to set up.
  • Lightweight & Compact
    Review by NCSUDuckeron 12/29/2016
    Up until a couple of years ago, I used homemade jerk strings. I hunted with a buddy that had one of these and was thoroughly impressed. I now own two. The lightweight bungee makes it easy to use and create a ton of movement.
  • good
    Review by Hunteron 11/8/2016
    Works great on birds wary of calls and other motion decoys. Clips don't fit all decoys though. Other than that great product, have had mine for 4 years now
  • good
    Review by Hunteron 11/8/2016
    Works great on birds wary of calls and other motion decoys. Clips don't fit all decoys though. Other than that great product, have had mine for 4 years now
  • Awesome!
    Review by Chrison 9/18/2016
    Simple, easy to use, and does exactly what you need. I've had mine for a couple years now and have never had any issues! I use mine every time I go out.
  • Solid motion every time!
    Review by Flybumon 9/16/2016
    I have been using this jerk rig for many seasons now and it has never failed to do what it was designed to do. And easy to use setup with a nice keeper bag always makes sure that it is packed away tightly and ready to be deployed perfectly the next time! I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Also not that adding additional decoy snaps to the rig is very easy if you so desire!
  • 4/5
    Review by drewon 9/15/2016
    jerk rig works great! Only complaint is that it only lasted me 4 seasons. It is easy to store and rigs easily.
  • Perfect Addition
    Review by Limit Longacreon 7/21/2016
    Here in California we can't use Mojo or Lucky Duck until December 1. It really hurts the blind count without motion. This will be my 3rd season with the jerk rig & will not hunt without it again. I take it everytime I go & will be buying a 2nd.
  • A good rig for your field kit
    Review by Rickon 2/4/2016
    This is a great product and does a good job bringing in ducks in most situations. I have had mine for two seasons now, and it works as good now as it did brand new. I would recommend having it in any waterfowler's field kit.
  • Works
    Review by Gunsmokeon 1/14/2016
    On my 3rd season with this jerk rig. Quick to deploy and use and pack up. Bag fits the rig great. Nothing worse than a bag that is sized too small and you have to fight it. No problems here. Cord is great quality with the right amount of bungee stretch. High quality components.
  • Great tool for ever waterfowler, but could be improved.
    Review by quackstackeron 1/11/2016
    Great product, extremely versatile and easy to use. Wish there was a way to spread the decoys out on it to make the movement more life like and random but overall great product.
  • The Best!
    Review by Cut'Emon 1/7/2016
    A must for everyone's spread! Great when paired with my Lucky Duck spinner!
  • Good Product
    Review by Joeon 12/7/2015
    Easy tool to use when you need to add some motion to your spread. Also really like the little carrying pouch, pretty durable overall. Recommend this product
  • Great product
    Review by Mallardfluon 9/4/2015
    This is a really good product!! Adds motion to your spread in all weather conditions!!! Good bang for your buck! Takes 15 min to set up the first time then is easy peasy after that!! Highly recommend!
  • a must have for motion
    Review by rolling Thuder Outdoorson 9/3/2015
    I bought this 2 years ago, works great on the still mornings to put some movement in the decoys, you can jerk it as subtle or as aggressive as you want, works great. Easy to put out and wind back up.
  • Must Have!
    Review by SDGCon 3/26/2015
    As a serious waterfowler, this one one of the products I use this set up every hunt! It is a mush have for any waterfowler!
  • Quality
    Review by Tayloron 2/6/2015
    Good quality product. Sets up easy, comes with everything you will need including a nice carry bag. I've used two of them over the past two seasons and they have performed flawlessly. Best jerk rig on the market hands down.
  • Must Have for Duck Blind
    Review by magnumon 12/21/2014
    Best jerk rig on market. Great movement. Fast rigging. Great organized setup. Buy one
  • Convenient
    Review by CKZon 12/19/2014
    This is a must have to put motion on the water. This one is built with quality in mind. I like that you can add more attachment points if needed and the anchor is very nice.
  • Must Have
    Review by Shannonon 12/14/2014
    Quality product. Every one needs a jerk rig for those calm days. It really is a mush-have.
  • Jerk rig
    Review by Robbyon 12/8/2014
    Great product here, QUALITY built and the carrying kit is the perfect size.
  • Perfect
    Review by CDJon 12/1/2014
    This is THE jerk rig to have. It is so easy to use and takes up little space. Makes your spread come to life, and will help bring the ducks in close to you/. A MUST BUY and an all around great product.
  • The Best
    Review by RHon 11/11/2014
    I have Been using this rig since it hit the market and have to say others dont compare to the JERK rig. it has stood the test of time form salty water of the sounds on the Outer Banks to the swamps around NC. It makes your spread come alive and is not just the same old spinning wings. I have played with more duck minds and the birds seem to think my decoys are real and will swim right up to them. if you dont have one buy it today i promis you wont be dissapointed. 100/100
    Review by Kenon 9/30/2014
    Being generally new to the waterfowl community i was looking for a product that would be simple and easy to use. Well I found it the jerk rig is perfect for for those calm days when u just need alittle motion on the water to bring ur decoy spread alive. Simple to use take minutes to deploy in ur spread and does wonders. Great product!
  • Easy
    Review by Kenon 9/30/2014
    Im just starting out waterfowl hunting and this rig has made it quick, simple and easy to get some movement on the water especially on calm days. Love how easy it is to deply and pack up once the hunt is over, no tangles or headache. Great product!
  • awesome product
    Review by Shaneon 9/25/2014
    This jerk rig really adds that needed motion to your spread. Great product and very well made
  • amazing product!!!!
    Review by Luke on 9/10/2014
    the jerk rig works great on calm days. i recommend every hunter carries one with them on all of their hunts.
  • amazing product!
    Review by Luke on 9/10/2014
    the jerk rig is a must have for every duck hunters spread. it creates great motion in the decoys on those calm days. the ducks love the motion they create and i would recommend that everyone has one with them when they go hunting.
  • GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!
    Review by Jameson 9/3/2014
    if your looking to add motion to your decoys well look no farther. buy now!!!!! great to use when there is no wind
  • Use it
    Review by Benon 8/31/2014
    My favorite jerk rig I have ever used!
  • Great on calm days
    Review by Tagstickon 8/27/2014
    I have been using this system for both impoundment and lake hunting on low wind or calm days. It adds movement and ripples to the decoy set-up. This is very helpful late season when the birds have seen 'spinners' for days and you need a little movement to finish the birds.
  • Perfect system
    Review by Scotton 8/25/2014
    I have attempted to make my own jerk lines on more than a few occasions and they worked okay at best. Was given this setup as a gift and it was awesome. Works better than anything that I have thrown together before and the ducks loved it. Out of all the items I own and have purchased for duck hunting this has played the biggest role in my success
  • Awesome Rig
    Review by Shortbuson 8/14/2014
    We have used one of these for a few years and I'm positive they pull in more ducks than spin wing decoys. The simplicity of the rig makes it fool proof and the movement is fantastic.
  • Awesome Rig
    Review by Roberton 8/7/2014
    I own 4 of these rigs and have yet to have any problems with any of them. They have hunted the warm weather of early teal season all the way to the 10 degrees Januarys. these rigs will withstand pure torture!!
  • Must Have
    Review by Mike on 8/7/2014
    The invention of the Jerk rig is a game changer. This is a simple way to add motion to your spread. Rig em' right has hit the nail on the head. Works great, very easy to set up, light weight yet will hold in the water, and it packs down to fit in my small blind bag. I will buy another. The only downfall is that the hook design on the clasp can get caught in my decoys, but that problem can be fixed by widening the holes on my decoy keels. I will buy a second before the season starts.
  • Must have
    Review by Markon 7/7/2014
    Essential to any decoy spread, easy set-up, easy pick up.
  • best way
    Review by Jubalon 7/3/2014
    best way to add simple motion to your spread
  • best way
    Review by Jubalon 7/3/2014
    best way to add simple motion to your spread
  • Cant leave it at home!
    Review by Bradenon 6/25/2014
    Definitely cant leave home without this jerk rig! if you want to put motion in your spread and have the birds attract to it like magnets, you have to have this is your arsenal! its mandatory! I give this a 10 out of 10!
  • Do not forget this
    Review by Jeffon 6/25/2014
    This is the one item that I always have with me whether in my boat or walking in, I always take my Rig em Right Jerk Rig.
  • 10 out of 10
    Review by Bradenon 6/25/2014
    You must have a jerk rig when hunting with floating decoys especially on a day without wind. One cannot stress how much motion is important to a spread. Not everyday is windy so you need to be able to create movement yourselves sometime! with this jerk rig you can do that! This product is a 10 out of 10! best on the market
  • Great product
    Review by Zackon 6/23/2014
    I bought this last season for our lake mallard spread. I've used home made jerk cords in the past and had success with them. Figured I'd give this one a try and see how well it holds up. Used it all last season without any problems, works exactly as intended. The anchor holds very well, the line is very durable, the quick clips make easy set up and take down. My only issues with it are that it's a little hard to add more decoys to the string, and I also would like a little less stretch in the line so that I can really get the dekes moving to better get the attention of birds that are off in the distance. Sometimes you can pull the cord as hard as you want and the dekes look like they're casually swimming. Making sure that there's a lot of tension in the line before pulling solves this problem. Neither are a huge issue, I still recommend this product to any waterfowl hunter who hunts any type of water whether it's timber, marsh, swamps, flooded fields, and open water. Will probably buy one or two more for next season.
  • the RER jerk rig
    Review by JRon 12/19/2012
    I always knew as a waterfowler that motion in a decoy spread is everything. In the past, i have made my own jerk rigs by tying loops in a 100' piece of decoy line and add a 2 lb weight at the end. I would put 2-4 decoys on the line by putting their heads through the loops. Yes, it worked but the decoys splashed to the side when I pulled them. We killed many ducks over it. However, after using the RER jerk rig, I realized real quick that this is the best product since the decoy for waterfowling. I can set it up in half the time as the old homemade one. It is easy to carry with its custom carrying bag and fits in almost any pocket on your waders or jacket. There is nothing tied to a decoy. It has quick release clips for easy on off installation of decoys and when pulled and released with the bungee on the other end, you actually get the REAL swimming action of ducks. I know doubt NEVER leave the truck without my RER jerk rig in hand. I can kill ducks with nothing but four decoys and a jerk rig if I wanted to. It works that well. You are not serious about waterfowling until you own and use the RER jerk rig.

    JR Ruggiero
    Owner, Swamp Jumper Ministry and Outfitters