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Hypnotizer Goose Flag


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Flagging has long been an effective way to attract the attention of distant Geese and with this new flag design, you’ll have them hypnotized!




• New Collapsible Wing Design for Easy Transport and Storage

• All New Lightweight Fabric Reduces Fatigue for All Day Flagging

• Lifelike Design Fools the Wariest Late Season Geese

• Tough, Durable and Deadly…PERIOD!

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Customer Reviews

  • Durable
    Review by Grindermike315on 2/27/2018
    I have used the rig em right flag, durable amd doesnt break like other brands.
    Review by Kadenon 2/6/2018
    I've bought 2 of these flags and have had them for 2 years with ZERO complaints. The ease of use and assembly is awesome. They are super durable and will perform in any condition! BEST FLAG ON THE MARKET!
  • Best flag out there
    Review by Jordan Gon 12/24/2017
    I've been using this flag for 4 years and it still works like it did on day 1. Most flags fall apart after a year or two but this flag seems like it will last forever.
  • Hypnotizer goose flag.
    Review by Reckon 3/3/2017
    By far the most eye catching and durable flag on the market for waterfowl hunting. I run a outfit in Ohio so i spend majority of my time in the field. This is the only flag that I have used in 15 seasons that was able to survive entire season!
  • Life like motion
    Review by MDNon 12/12/2016
    Light weight, realistic motion and collapses down for easy storage. This flag is great for getting the attention of late season geese. I have three of these and use them all to get more action in my spread.

  • Awesome flag
    Review by Drakemanon 10/15/2016
    I actually use this flag for hunting bluebills and seems to work very well very good quality does everything I need it to
  • Great Product`
    Review by Duck Dog Traineron 10/10/2016
    This flag is great for brining in those weary honkers in the late season. Super durable and can take a beating!
  • 10/10
    Review by carvera1on 9/19/2016
    By the the best flag on the market. A friend had this flag and I fell in love.. I now own 3 of them. They are build way better and they are extremely light weight and easy to use.

    One minor complaint I have is the fiberglass rods tends to fall out of the metal slots they go in. To fix this I put a little silicon in the metal slot and slid the fiberglass rod in them and let them dry over night.
  • 10 Stars
    Review by Paul Odomon 5/20/2015
    Super light weight great flag. Very easy to use and set up. Tricks the geese to come in for the good ole dirt nap.
  • Best Flag Out There
    Review by mobanginon 4/3/2015
    Got rid of all the junky flags and got a couple of these. You won't be disappointed. Most other brands make their flags out of wood or cheap plastic. This flag is top of the line and I've had a lot of success with it in the field. Look no further. You won't be disappointed with Rig Em Right.
  • Works wonders
    Review by Maxon 1/27/2015
    This flag works wonders for those high bird that normally wouldn't give your spread a look. If you hunt with someone that isn't very good on the calls this is a great job for them! All you have to do is give them about 8 quick flaps starting above your head, as they approach your spread start give 2 low quick flaps. By doing this you are making it seem like there are landing geese or there is geese that are stretching their wings on the ground
  • Best Honker Flag
    Review by magnumon 12/21/2014
    Sold all my other flags and switched to these. Durable and Great Motion
  • calling all honkers!
    Review by Bradenon 9/4/2014
    whether you are in the field or the backwater swamps, a goose flag is mandatory. ya its nice to have a jerk rig to create motion for mallards but sometimes you need that extra added ingredient for honkers, and the goose flag is that special spice. Geese gain confidence when they see a goose like motion near a spread whether its a goose flag or a goose flapper. They need that confidence to land a big flock. Must have. 10 out of 10!
  • Great product!!!!!!!!!
    Review by Jameson 9/3/2014
    when you can't get the geese to quite land this is what you need. its simulates many geese landing and this will bring them right to your spread
  • Nice
    Review by Benon 9/3/2014
    Awesome flag! 10 out of 10.
  • Best Flag on the marcket
    Review by Christopheron 9/2/2014
    I was able to pick this up on sale from a retailer and I couldn't have been happier. It is all metal and not plastic. The fabric is tough and I think it will last me a very long time.
    Review by Michaelon 8/22/2014
    I have been using these flags since they were created. These are hands down the best flags on the market. Very realistic motion and super easy to store. Very light to operate, you can wave this flag for long periods of time without needing surgery on your arm.
  • Best Goose Flag On The Market.
    Review by Justinon 7/2/2014
    Rig Em Right makes the best flags on the market. I've used the Canadian Goose Hypnotizer for the last two seasons and the geese respond a lot to the realistic look and movement. Great Product!
  • A+++
    Review by Brandonon 6/26/2014
    Worked great all season. Love how quickly it folds out and the durability of this quality flag
  • A+++
    Review by Brandonon 6/26/2014
    This flag is awesome! Love how fast it folds up for storage. Worked like a charm from early season to late
  • 5 star
    Review by Zackon 9/4/2012
    the hypnotizer goose flag works great. sets up and take down in seconds. just a small thing that made my hunt go so much smoother.